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The Mail Exchange Hotel stands as an iconic Melbourne landmark, a testament to resilience and history that spans over a century. We seize every opportunity to share its remarkable tale.

At the heart of this narrative lies one man and his vision. Sir Robert Hoddle, the inaugural Surveyor General of Victoria, left an indelible mark by designing the ‘Hoddle Grid,’ the foundational layout of Melbourne’s inner streets.

In 1837, as his inaugural act on Victoria’s Crown land, Hoddle acquired the land and erected a charming two-storey Georgian house, a residence he cherished until his passing in 1881.

Subsequently, it transformed into a bustling post office. As the 20th century dawned, the Post Master General’s department acquired the property from Sir Hoddle’s descendants.

In 1917, the Mail Centre underwent a transformation, evolving into a modernized post office, alleviating congestion and streamlining the postal system.

Over the course of the past century, the building underwent numerous name changes: from the Chief Parcels Office and the Parcels Post Building to the Postal Workshop and the Melbourne Mail Centre. Finally, in 2010, it embraced its current identity as the Mail Exchange.

Today, it stands as the beloved hotel we all cherish. Remarkably, the original signage from its storied past still adorns our building.

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